Groenewegen BOX/KOFFER, BPW+drumbrakes, NL-trailer


Vehicle details

Vehicle ID: 43WLRX

General information
Year of construction: 2001

Axle configuration
Tyre size: 275/70-R22.5
Make axles: BPW Eco-Plus
Brakes: drum brakes
Suspension: air suspension
Front axle: Double wheels; Max. axle load: 10000 kg; Steering; Tyre profile left inner: 45%; Tyre profile left outer: 40%; Tyre profile right outer: 65%; Tyre profile right outer: 70%
Rear axle: Double wheels; Max. axle load: 10000 kg; Tyre profile left inner: 40%; Tyre profile left outer: 25%; Tyre profile right outer: 70%; Tyre profile right outer: 70%

Other information
Cargo space outer length: cm
Cargo space outer width: cm
Cargo space outer height: cm

2001 Groenewegen 2-axle drawbar trailer with Moeyersons uppersturcture with BPW Eco-Plus axles with drum brakes, 2x lifting and lowering valve, internal: 7.88×2.48×2.40m, empty weight: 5.820kg, GVW: 20.000kg, twin tires with 275/70-R22.5 tires (L: 6/7, 3/6mm: R: 11/10mm, 11/11mm), Sparewheel (4mm), Dutch registration

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