Krone COIL-LINER, BPW, multilock, NL trailer

€ 8.985,-

Detail vehicle

Vehicle ID: OP26TK

General information
Year of construction: 2012

Axle configuration
Tire size: 385/65-R22.5
Make of axles:
Brakes: drum brakes
Rear axle 1: Max. axle load: 9000 kg; Left tire profile: 20%; Right tire profile: 20%
Re ar axle 2: Max. axle load: 9 000 kg; Left tire profile : 75%; Right tire profile: 90% Rear axle 3: Max. axle load: 9000 kg; Left tire profile: 30%; Right tire profile: 25%

Damage: damage free

Other information
Outer length cargo area: 1362 cm
Outer width cargo area: 249 cm
Outer height cargo area: 265 cm

2012 Krone coil sliding tarpaulin semi-trailer with BPW axles with drum brakes, ABS/EBS, sunroof, rear doors, coil trough (7.25m) incl. 2x 4 rong pots + 5 stanchions, multilock, 2x 10 lashing eyes + rong pots + 3 rong pots central front, inw. 13.62×2.49×2.65m, empty weight: 7,400kg, GVW: 41,000KG, 385/65-R22.5 tires (L: 3/12/5mm; R: 3/14/4mm), Dutch registration


3 axles
Rear doors
BPW Axles
Air suspension
Sliding roof
Drum brakes

Shipping worldwide
Minimum 200 pieces in stock
Export plates, export documents online through Equipped4U

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