LAG 20FT ADR CHASSIS (EX/II, EX/III, FL, AT) + 20FT SB Tankcontainer 28.200L/1-comp.


Vehicle details

Vehicle ID: ON99KY.UTTU281057-3.TC

Year of construction: 2014
Tyre size: 385/65-R22.5
Make axles: BPW ECO-PLUS
Brakes: drum brakes
Suspension: air suspension
Rear axle 1: Max. axle load: 9000 kg; Tyre profile left: 25%; Tyre profile right: 75%
Rear axle 2: Max. axle load: 9000 kg; Tyre profile left: 55%; Tyre profile right: 60%
Rear axle 3: Max. axle load: 9000 kg; Tyre profile left: 75%; Tyre profile right: 95%

very nice 2014 LAG 20FT ADR chassis with BPW axles with drum brakes, ABS/EBS, ADR (EXII, EXIII, FL, AT) valid until 24-12-2022, empty weight: 3.540kg, max. mass: 39.000kg , 385/65-R22.5 tires (L: 4/9/12mm; R: 12/10/15mm), Dutch registration with valid MOT (APK) until 24-12-2022 + 2003 Van Hool 20FT tankcontainer swap body, 28.200L / 1-comp., bottom discharge, L4BN, UN PORTABLE, T7, steam-heating, isolated, design temp. -40°-+130° C, Payload: 31.720kg, valid 2,5Y- + CSC inspection: 03/2023

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