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Used tank containers

The Equipped4U range includes several used tank containers that are available for sale. These tank containers can be used for transporting liquids, gases and powders. They are also extremely suitable for the transport of hazardous substances. The tank containers are supplied in a metal frame, but a tank container can also be placed on a chassis or charger without a frame. The tank container consists of a stainless steel barrel. The barrel is surrounded by an insulation and protective layer, made of polyurethane and aluminium. The second-hand tank containers are available in various types and sizes. They can safely transport substances with a minimum temperature of -40 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 120 degrees Celsius.

Available second-hand tank containers

Equipped4U sells various used tank containers. These containers include the brands GASCON and MTK. Furthermore, the Equipped4U range includes transport equipment from Van Hool, Welfit Oddy, UBH, Consani, CPV and CIMC. Due to the extensive range, there is always a solution available for your transport project. Equipped4U tank containers come with a valid inspection certificate that is valid for 2.5 or 5 years. The validity of the certificate depends on the type of tank container and the requirements of the products. The prices of the second-hand tank containers vary. They depend on the year of construction, the content and the external condition.

Why purchase used Tank containers from Equipped4U?

Equipped4U's second-hand tank containers can be used for transporting hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and gases. Equipped4U has an experienced team that works daily to ensure optimal delivery. We offer efficient, fast second-hand tank container delivery. At Equipped4U you will find the right tank container for the best price. Contact us for questions or advice about the second-hand tank containers.

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