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– Lift axle

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very nice 2005 VAN HOOL 20FT chassis with SAF-axles with discbrakes (INTRADISC), ADR (EXII, EXIII, FL, OX, AT) valid till 05-03-2021, ABS/EBS, 1st + 2nd axle = liftaxle, 1x20FT, empty weight: 3.300kg, max. massa: 39.000kg, 385/65-R22.5 tires (L: 10/7/7mm; R: 10/8/7mm), Dutch registration with valid MOT (APK) till 17-04-2021

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Wheelbase: 677 cm
Dimensions of cargo space: 840 x 255 cm
Make of bodywork: VAN HOOL 3B2013
APK (MOT): tested until 04/2021
Technical condition: very good
Visual appearance: very good

20FT/3-axle, empty weight: 3.300kg, SAF INTRADISC, 2x liftaxle, ADR, NL …

Container transportTrailers - Van Hool - 2004

€ 5.985,-

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