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Used trucks

Used trucks are suitable for any type of cargo. Trucks are used to keep various types of goods undamaged during transit to their final destination. A truck may exceed the maximum mass of 3500 kg. Due to the weight and size of the truck, specific skills and a special driver's license are required.

Available used trucks

There are different kinds of trucks. They differ in model, size and price range. This means that there is a suitable solution for every type of transport. Equipped4U offers used trucks with a closed body, open body or tarpaulin. Tank trucks are available for liquid substances. Trucks often have a tail lift or tarpaulin on the side to make loading and unloading efficient and easy. Due to the flexibility of the structure, trucks can be used for almost all types of transport.

Equipped4U offers a wide range of used trucks from different brands and manufacturers, such as MAN, Volvo, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, IVECO, Terberg, DAF, Scania and more. The prices of used trucks vary enormously. This is because the price depends on the features of the truck, the construction, the external condition, and the year of construction. Due to the wide range and diversity of types and prices, there is always a suitable truck available.

Why used trucks from Equipped4U?

Buy your second-hand trucks from Equipped4U Equipped4U has a large number of used trucks with different options and bodies. This means that there is always a truck available that meets your needs. Our team's market experience allows us to ensure fast deliveries under optimal conditions. For questions or advice about purchasing used trucks, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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